Jerrabomberra Medical Centre has rebranded!

For you, it’s business as usual with the same quality healthcare delivered by the same dedicated team. We thank you for putting your health, wellbeing and trust in our medical team and look forward to continuing to care for you for many years to come.

Welcome to our new website where you can find out more about our medical centre – now part of Fullerton Health Australia.


When you or a loved one is ill, it can be very difficult. In these circumstances, it is vital that you see a doctor straight away, to receive urgent medical attention and have the best chance of recovery.

We realise that you have a lot of things to juggle, between children’s schooling, your work and organising childcare. A lot of our doctors have to balance their work and life, too. That is why we have decided to open up our clinic to take same day appointments.

Communication is key

Patients are also commonly concerned with their ability to communicate with the doctors, and with how to get the best medical care. As well as their medical aptitude, our doctors are hired based on their communication skills and their ability to display strong verbal and non-verbal communications. Having worked with a diverse range of Australian communities, over many years of practice, each of our doctors has demonstrated their aptitude in this area.

Our all-inclusive promise

We strongly believe that healthcare should be available to all. We provide:

  • Affordable standard consultations
  • Same-day appointments
  • Book online 24 hours per day

We have a commitment to ensuring our doctors run on time.

The Fullerton Health Network

The Fullerton Health Network consists of more than 190 fully owned clinics in Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Hong Kong and more than 8,000 medical providers globally. We cover a wide range of services, including primary care, medical specialist care, medical benefits management services, advanced medical diagnostic imaging, chronic care, physiotherapy services, dental services, executive health screening, occupational health services, medical assistance and evacuation services and pharmaceutical services.

Our integrated healthcare model and our scale of operations across five markets mean we can offer cost-effective solutions to our:

Corporate clients: We are able to offer customised solutions which address our corporate clients’ specific requirements. Because we have an integrated healthcare model on an extensive scale, we are able to do this while still achieving reductions in the time and money our clients spend on administrative matters. This results in enhanced productivity, reduction of medical leave and ultimately healthcare and manpower cost savings.

Insurer clients: We are able to draw on our extensive economies of scale and long-term contracts with our providers, to deliver significant cost savings. Our in-house medical team has extensive experience in evaluating the quality of care and adjudicating medical claims for the insurer.

Healthcare Service Providers: We service more than 25,000 companies, which means large patient volumes for our healthcare service providers. Our information technology system enables convenience in claims processing and payment. Our data analytics capabilities also provide clinical insights into care management and improving delivery services.

Patients: We are a healthcare provider and ultimately, we exist because we want to deliver quality healthcare services to our patients. Our patients benefit from the wide array of medical services available via our Fullerton Australia Medical Centre Network.

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